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Covid-19 Park Facilities Update

Thursday 02nd July 2020

Whilst we are excited to be opening on the 4th July, this in itself presents many problems and challenges not only for us, but you as a valued customer. I’m sure most of you will be excited about returning to the Park, like many of our staff.

The changes that we have summarised, whilst they may seem restrictive and imposing, have been made in line with the specific Government guidelines as well as ensuring the safety of both our visitors and also our staff. I sincerely hope that you will be patient and understanding about some of the decisions we are having to make. We are now in a ‘new norm’ where queuing to enter your local supermarket is part of everyday life. The changes we have made enable us to move forward safely, but also allow for you to still enjoy yourselves. With this in mind, the Park will now operate in the following way – certainly for the remainder of this season.

Reception will be open as normal from 9am on July 4th. As a reminder, Reception hours are 9-5 daily, except Monday & Friday which is 9-5.30. Please only visit Reception if absolutely necessary. Ringing Reception is preferred and the recommended way to communicate with us to help minimise face to face interaction. When you must visit Reception, please pay any bills by card where possible and ensure the social distancing measures are adhered to. Reception will be restricted to no more than 3 visitors inside at any one time. We will also not allow packages to be delivered into reception for the foreseeable future, so please arrange for packages to be sent to your home address. Any packages that are attempted to be delivered to reception will be turned away. Exceptions will only be made for medication and only with prior notice being given by you to us in writing and subsequently agreed by us ahead of delivery. The toilets in reception will not be useable by members of the public at this time, as they are now reserved for staff only.

The Launderette will be open 8am – 8pm daily, with only 1 person permitted inside at any time. Please maintain social distancing within the launderette and foyer area.

The Shop will be open 9am – 4pm Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm Saturday’s and 9am – 1pm on Sunday’s with only 3 people permitted inside at any time. Please only touch what you intend to buy and pay by card where possible.

Regrettably, Government still forbids indoor play areas and swimming pools. There is currently no date for when these facilities will be permitted and therefore it will now not be possible to open the Jungle or the Swimming Pool at all this season.

The children’s outdoor play areas will be open for use, however all children must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times and social distancing from others must be observed.

The Tennis Court and Football Court will be open for use, however we will not be hiring out racquets/balls until further notice. Social distancing must be observed.

We are happy to announce Buckets and the new first floor balcony and beer garden will be open for drinks only (food will not be served in the month of July – the provision of food is under review and may return from 1 August – this will be confirmed nearer the time). Please remember that the new first floor balcony is for the use of adults only, and that all under 18’s are not permitted on the balcony or the new access staircase. The Show Bar will act as an overflow area if required. Buckets, the balcony and the show bar will be limited in numbers (posters advising seating capacity is displayed in the windows at the entrances) due to the social distancing measures and are available on a first-come-first served basis – pre-booking will not be possible at this time so please do not phone to request a table.

We have restricted access to the Buckets beer garden to allow control of the seating arrangements. The entrance at the Jungle end has been removed, so please do not attempt to access or leave Buckets from this end. Please go to the beer garden entrance at the shop end.

All drinks inside and outside the venue will be served by table service only – do not queue at the bars as you will not be served and may be asked to leave. When you arrive at the beer garden entrance to Buckets, you will be greeted by a member of staff who will take your name, and contact numbers (we are required to collect this data and to hold it on file for a period of 21 days to assist NHS Test & Trace) and you will then be seated either inside, outside in the beer garden or on the first floor balcony. You will then be presented with a disposable drink’s menu, have your order taken at your table, asked for payment, and served at your table. Please do not return empty glasses to the bar as a member of staff will do this for you. If you require another drink, please raise your hand and a member of staff will take your order. Please do not shout or raise your voice to attract the attention of a member of staff.

For those customers who are accompanied by children, you are responsible for supervising them at all times and you should maintain social distancing guidelines. In the event of adverse weather conditions, you will not be permitted to shelter indoors and must return to your holiday caravan.

As a matter of courtesy, please can we ask that you consider that others may not be able to get a table and to be respectful in not spending all day in Buckets, the beer garden, show bar or balcony to allow others the opportunity.

We will provide a draught beer takeaway service where possible. Please bring your own pint glass and queue at the beer garden entrance with others to have your details and payment taken, and your beverage will then be filled for you to take away.

Toilets will be cleaned throughout the day including door handles and taps. Please wash your hands after using the facilities and ensure you maintain social distancing whilst inside, if there are too many people then wait outside.  

Clear guidance in the form of posters, floor markings and notices have been displayed in and around Buckets and the Show Bar. Failure to observe social distancing and safety measures put in place for the benefit of all may result in service being refused or those individuals being asked to leave. Police and the local authorities have the powers to enforce requirements in relation to social distancing and may visit to instruct customers to disperse, leave an area, issue a fixed penalty notice or take further enforcement action. For these reasons, now that live sport has resumed it will be shown inside and outside of the venue, but if customers start to interact with others breaking social distancing rules, then live sports will be stopped.

You should be prepared to remove face coverings safely if asked to do so by police officers or our staff for the purposes of identification. Our staff may also need to remind customers to follow social distancing advice, or to wash their hands. Please do not take offence to this, our staff are not WHO trained, they are simply doing their jobs and ultimately keeping you all safe.

Buckets and the beer garden (and show bar if required) will be open daily from 12pm until close.


It will be impossible for us to bring you much in the form of entertainment given we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Government restrictions and social distancing measures put in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are not permitted to provide entertainment of any kind indoors, and at the time of writing we are seeking guidance and further advice from relevant authorities as to what we will be permitted to do, if anything, outdoors.  We will, however, be doing everything we can to utilise our vast outdoor space and will of course update you if we are allowed to bring you any form of outdoor entertainment this season.

Holiday Caravan Sales

The Sales Office is open daily from 9am – 5pm. The office will be restricted to no more than 1 visitor inside at any one time. Wherever possible, transactions and discussions will be held electronically, over the phone or outside in the open air and outdoor seating arrangements have been made for this. If you have aftersales queries, please phone us on 01472 810020 to discuss rather than calling into the office. Potential viewings will be done virtually or electronically where possible but in instances when this is not possible, we will be recording the physical viewings of caravans, maintaining suitable ventilation of the caravans throughout the day, and cleaning common touch points after each viewing.  Our staff will maintain social distancing from customers and during the sales process and the handover and will not enter the caravan with the customer.